~*~ Friendship ~*~

I was sitting and drinking my coffee,
When my thoughts turned to you.
Thinking of all the years,
Together, we'd been through.

I remember all the laughs we had,
And sometimes, yes we'd cry.
But you were always there for me,
Together, you and I.

You were my shoulder to lean on,
When things got tough.
Not one time through the years,
Did you ever say, I've had enough.

We've shared so much together,
I can't get it all written down.
But you have been more of a friend,
Than I could have ever found.

God had a hand in this friendship,
Right from the very start.
He knew nothing would ever
Tear this friendship apart.

We weathered many storms,
You and I both know it's true.
God had to test the waters,
To see who'd give up on who.

Oh yes, we had our share of troubles,
One or the other, did get mad.
But it wasn't long till one of us realized,
You're the Best Friend I've ever had.

I thank God for the tribulations,
You and I went through.
It brought us closer together,
I couldn't love you anymore than I do.

I know you feel the same,
Neither of us have a doubt.
God has taught the both of us,
What Friendship is all about.

Now that we're much older,
And put the childish things away.
We have grown much closer,
Each and every passing day..

I just want to thank you,
I'm glad I took that chance.
You have made my life,
Much like a beautiful dance.

You have been the music,
That's kept my soul alive.
Your friendship gave me hope,
And the will to survive.

I want to say, I Love You,
You've been more than a blessing to me.
How can I ever thank you,
You're the Best any Friend could be.

You're the sister I never had,
You're family, yes you are,
You will always be,
My bright and shining star.

So let this poem I send,
Be a reminder of a friendship true.
I could never have found a better Friend,
Than I have found in You...


Brenda D King 2006
Dedicated to Debbie O'Dell


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