~ Friendship ~
I found a friend the day I met you.
Someone I know, who liked me too.
It was like you saw inside my heart,
A Friendship, we'd never let fall apart.
It was like you knew I'd forever be,
Right beside you, you can count on me.
I can tell by the smile that you wear,
For me too, you'll always be there.
Our Friendship started from this tiny seed,
God planted it, because he saw a need.
He took your heart,  entwined it with mine,
And formed this Friendship so divine.
 He took Love and Forgiveness, added that too,
 Friends have quarrels, yes indeed they do.
He knew a remedy right from the start,
It's called a hug, and it soothes the heart.
He gave us tears to show feelings true,
As we hold each other like we do.
I'm so thankful for His loving ways,
He knew you'd brighten all my days.
So if I happen to make you mad,
Or make any of your days turn out bad,
Perfect I'm not, and mistakes I'll make,
Forgiveness is what it will take.
To keep this lasting Friendship alive,
Or else no Friendship would survive.
I'm sorry, sometimes may not seem enough,
Life is rough, but Love is tough..
We can overcome or endure
Anything, of this I'm sure.
Trust in God and follow the heart,
In a Friendship, of which, God took part!
Brenda D King 2006
Everyone makes mistakes, No-one but Jesus was perfect,
Remember that before you say, I can't forgive You
Jesus is always listening
Don't expect Forgiveness, if you can't offer it

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