Friendship Box

A friendship box I am sending to you
I want to be sure it is strong
So first I place a layer of respect
At the bottom where it does belong.

The sides I put tightly together
In each corner where they meet
I place four anchors filled with trust
Devoid of hate and deceit.

This friendship box holds no despair
I filled it with happiness, joy and love
All these things with you I want to share
I include a prayer for you to God above.

A friendship box should be left open wide
For everyone to see all that is inside
These things make our friendship work
This friendship box I send to you with pride.

Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"May God bless you with many friendship boxes"
~Quote by Glenna~


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How Awesome Is This Place
by Ralph Merrifield New Hope Music 
Arranged by Rich Garber Living Waters Jazz 
Modified by Elton Smith 


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