~ Friendship Heaven ~

Friendship Heaven is what I see
When you giggle, and smile back at me
It brings the sunshine to my day
And makes the clouds just, fade away

Friendship Heaven is what I feel
When we tell secrets, not to reveal
It brings feelings of trust, and love
And I know it comes from God above

Friendship Heaven is what I hold
Within my heart, it's like pure Gold
When I'm feeling down, and out
Your friendship touches, without a doubt

In the morning, when I awake
I know you're there, make no mistake
You give to me, the comfort of knowing
Our friendship will continue growing

Friendship Heaven, is what we share
We prune, and give it constant care
I'll never find another "YOU"
Thanks for being a "FRIEND" so true

Written by Debbie Looney
Copyright 07/06/2009

Just thinking about a friend
makes us want to do a happy dance
because a friend is someone
who loves you, anyway
Charles Shulz

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