~ Friendship ~

A true friendship lasts forever
It is like a gentle prayer
A friend is like a flower
Which blossoms everywhere
If we can find just one, to stay
The clouds we see will roll away

We tell a friend our secrets
Known only by 'us two'
When we share so, it is special
In our hearts forever true

A friendship is a golden song
Or a dance out in the sun
With many games to play
And friends know everyone

There is red light, green light
Catch the friend who runs
We must not cross the river
Rainbow colors, oh we have such fun.

Friends are never forgotten
No matter where they go
They are put in a treasure box
Keepsakes that we know

I love all of my friends
Each in a different way
They helped make me who I am
They will never change
For in my mind they remain the same
I will always love them everyday

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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