The friendship rose so precious and rare
I send my friends so you will know I care
A friendship rose I nurtured in love
With a sprinkling of grace from God above.
We have given ourselves time to adjust
Our friendship is grounded solid in trust
Sitting for hours in the shade of a tree
Sharing books of poetry in a cool breeze.
My friendship rose is a gift real and sincere
I pray it will bring happiness and good cheer
May my gift of friendship become a part
And find a place to grow within your heart.
This friendship rose I now extend
Bringing love and happiness without end
 Making your tomorrow a brighter day, I pray
 And never look back, we are not going that way.
Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith
"The friendship rose I send from my heart"
~Quote by Glenna~

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Midi sequenced by Dick Anderson

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