Like carousels and rainbows
or lovers in the park
sandcastle dreams in summer
the kiss that lit a spark

Smiles, that say 'I love you'
words written loud and clear
cross the lands of friendship
whether far or near

Hearts and souls are mended
tears begin to dry
clouds drift away in slumber
as sun lights up the sky

Hands reach out with kindness
though faces never seen
o're mountain tops and deserts
there shines a lustrous beam

Bonds that keep on growing
compassion has no end
heartstrings sewed together
threads of time will blend

Like roses kissed with dewdrops
as morning starts the day
Blessings from all corners
both near and far away

Cherished are the mem'ries
from sands and frosty slopes
hearts and minds that mingle
bringing rays of hope

No rules or regulations
accepted for ourselves
a pasture full of flowers
nurtured with pure love

These words fall on the paper
are mixed with ink and tears
sealed with hugs and kisses
to last throughout the years

Scribbles of my feelings
I'm sending off to you
just to say I'm thankful
for everything you do

Rose Marie Streeter 2005
used with permission

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