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~ Friends Meeting Friends ~

To Arkansas we all have been
Where some wonderful friends were seen
We all had the really greatest time
And we made a fabulous team.

Chee Chee was there and our own Lu Dube
Sharon, as ever, so slim as a tube
Janice and Donna and Pokey okay
Glenna and me, of course, from the old U.K.


My dear friends, how nice to see
Your lovely smiling faces
Although we'd never met before
I have known you all for ages.

The mail you always send to me
Just brightens up my days
Yes you've really touched my life
In, oh, so many ways.


Never have I felt so much love
From each and everyone
Cyndi made our meeting possible
SpiritIsUp's get-together has begun.

Our exchange of e-mail
Takes on a new meaning now
A friendship bond has been created
That will last forever, this we vow.

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Amy Hollesley, Lu Dube & Chee Chee Martin

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