~ Friends Online Forever ~

Some friends we come to know so well
Especially those we meet online
Who know life's deeper essence
And identify divine

We find they too have traveled far
Up along life's road
So understand the heart of things
To unlock the secret code

Of how to offer hope and joy
In genuine concern
To feel the need to comfort
With wisdom to discern

Our hearts will then unfold
Knowing kindness will be there
For they know how to hold our hand
In sweet and thoughtful care

Our worries then are shared
With one who knows of fear
Who understands life's struggle
And in prayer will persevere

It is very special to be so blessed
And not to question why
But be grateful for an online friend
Who knows just when to cry

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

An internet Christian friendship is like
the relationship we have with our Lord Jesus.
We do not have to see the friend
to know and understand them.
We have an understanding,
and know how to help each other,
pray for one another, show compassion and love,
how to laugh and have fun -
all without seeing each other.
We only communicate with
the essence of our spirits
and with our written words
Marjorie 2003

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midi... Chen Li De Yue Guang
By Mavis Hee Main Theme From "Toufu Street"
Arr & Trans by : Alvin Ho J.C.

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