~ Friends We Will Forever Be ~

Well, dear heart, it's happening
We're weathering time with love,
Each passing moment spent
In caring just enough

To stay united come what may
In honor year by year,
Closer proved in everything,
Each day by being here

Supporting, listening, in the knocks
The joys, the struggles, strife
Being sisters, as we are
In every part of life

Sometimes we pray to understand
But, whether clear or not
We learn to trust our Father's heart
And be true no matter what

Our Lord Jesus has been good to give
Our friendship sweet and strong,
We can't be anything, but close
When together we belong

Soft 4eva whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Together - sisters much the more
than faithful lifetime friends,
for far beyond we'll ever be
where time can never end

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