If I might write a letter of things I'd like to say
I'd put pen to paper
and swirl the ink in my own special way,
with all the thoughts I am pondering
pouring out from my mind,
to express all the lovely things
I think about my friend.
I'd write of how glad I am
that you are a friend of mine,
with thanks to God He sent
to me, someone so very kind

I think I might fill up a page or two
or more, with all I'd like to say
and then I'd slip it in an envelope
and post it off today-
sealed with a little kiss and a prayer...
Then, one day very soon,
you would receive it in your post
and read it with a sigh of joy,
I can see you now, still and very quiet,
just in the knowing
that my heart is very close

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

As I was reading the words,
I knew in my heart that this was my friend,
I can detect your words always,
because they sing such a beautiful song in my heart

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