Hello, Hello, my dear friend
Oh what joy, it will never end
When I saw you in the car
You had come from oh so far.

Clear from England you had flown
What a surprise, I had never known!
My goodness you're such a site
I wanted to talk on through the nite.

Oh Lu, dear Lu, my surprise was neat
The look on your face was such a treat.
You'd had a suspicion, this I know
But Chee had convinced you it wasn't so!

When you turned the corner to collect the gift
The sight of your dear face gave me a lift!
We hugged and we hugged, then hugged some more
Such hugs we'll remember, that's for sure!

Oh yes dear Amy I did suspect
But Chee said 'no, you couldn't come yet.'
We're all going down to a get-together
And now that you're here, it will be much better!

Yes, I'm here, I made it at last
I'd waited so long, then the time sped fast!
To be with my friends was my heart's desire
When we meet up with the others, we'll set the place on fire!!!

Amy Hollesley and Lu Dube 4/25/2005


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Photo Lu Dube 2005