In the frosted twilight I hold my blanket tight
It snowed about four inches today
I sit by a warm fire, as cares slip away,
And relax to enjoy God's frosted twilight.

No birds are nesting in the icy trees
They have flown south to a warm breeze
A wonderful serene peace lies over all
As the shadows of a frosted twilight fall.

In the cold darkness many stars appear
Heaven seems so far yet so near
I thank God I have a warm place to stay
And for caring for me on this cold day.

The frosted twilight is fading into the night
Stars like diamonds shine so bright
I know God is alive in heaven above
In this frosted twilight I feel His precious love.


Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"There is much beauty
in a frosted twilight"
~Quote by Glenna~



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