~ Fruit Of The Spirit ~

May you be blessed with the fruit of the Spirit
To live life with grace and love
As you taste the fruit, from Jesus' hand
Who gives us all we need
To hear His voice and in return
Eternal joy receive

Fruit of the Spirit is a beautiful gift
Sent with Jesus' love
So we can see the ocean, blue and wide
The sky, where birds sing lullabies
The old oak tree, of pretty butterflies
With colors of the rainbow sparkling free

Fruit of the Spirit, is what our souls need
To receive the hope
To leave any sorrow we may feel
When I pray to my Father Jesus, I think of you
And all people made from His hands
With the beauty in His everlasting land

He gives you the fruit of the spirit
To touch your heart and soul
So you will be filled
For The Lord, who is the fruit
Holds you close and never lets you go.

Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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