~ Funny Face ~

I have a sweet and funny face
I always wear a smile
I can sing and dance, in place
For clowning is my style

See the curls upon my head
See my big, blue eyes
See my puppy and bluebird
It's all a grand surprise

On my top, you'll see dots
A star upon my cheek
I vow to give it all I've got
For laughter, which you seek

I don't suppose you missed my nose
Big and round and so bright-red
A satin ribbon -- do you suppose
I should wear blue instead?

Reader Dear, the time draws near
For me to go to bed
It's ok . . . don't shed a tear
Be glad, like me, instead

For I'll be back, I promise that
To smile and entertain anew
Next time, I might wear a hat
Bringing giggles to sustain you

Sometimes clowns are funny
Sometimes clowns are sweet
Sometimes clowns are all dressed up
With big shoes on their feet.

But always they are smiling
Even when they're sad
Ever reconciling
Our need to feel glad

Faerie's Heartsongs
t.r. cardinet 2009



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