~ Gathering In The Redeemed ~

When the redeemed are gathering in
From the corners of the earth,
When the angels have completed
Bringing all that's had re-birth.

What will I say to Jesus?
When He finally takes me home,
How will I ever find the words
To tell Him, I love Him? 'there is none'

But I'll show my love for Him,
With my worship and my praise,
I will kneel before His throne,
And my voice to Him I'll raise.

All the praise belongs to Him
He has brought me safely home,
No more cares of this old world,
My work is finally done.

I will be with the redeemed,
Who've been chosen by our Lord,
They faithfully have heeded,
And obeyed His written word.

Payday's finally come,
For all that was redeemed,
To live in His haven of rest,
It's more than I ever dreamed.

Betty Hill 2005

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