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The splendor that God painted of a gentle fall
The wonder of experiencing it all
White clouds drifting across the blue sky
Oh, how quickly summer has passed by.

Beautiful colors of autumn can now be found
God created a gentle fall all around
The river runs calm, peacefully and slow
Reflections of leaves are on the water below.


Gentle fall is a breath-taking beauty to behold
With trees in shades of red, green and gold
Watch as the leaves dance in the breeze
And hear their sounds of laughter in the trees.

Autumn time brings beauty across the land
God made our earth colorful and grand
He painted a gentle fall with love and grace
And summer is gone without a trace.


Glenna M. Baugh 2007
Living by Faith

"Give God praise for the beauty
of autumn He displays"
~Quote by Glenna~


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