There is a Father's day to say thank you
To the One who made us all,
The perfect Father up above
The One who makes us whole.

The Father full of wondrous love
The One who's life we share,
Who will never go away
And all our heartache bear.


The Father of our yesterdays
Our todays, tomorrows and for all time,
Close all through the darkest night
And trusted to be kind.

The Father to hear our every word
Every thought to understand,
The One that we can keep forever
Holding tightly to our hand.

For every day is Father's day
with the One who is with us always


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

The Lord is my Father.
He keeps me always.
And when I am willful,
and from Him I stray,
He seeks me and finds me.
He is not far away.
He guides me and shepherds me,
day after day.

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NOTE: The painting above is not to be redistributed.
It is an antique painting given to me by my mother
and I felt inspired to scan and use it for this linkware set.

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