~ A Gentle Place ~

A garden is growing within my soul,
A gentle place that is part of me.
God planted the seeds of beauty here
I meet with friends so very dear.

A gentle place of love and peace
Where the air blows warm and sweet.
At eventide when the shadows fall,
This place within my soul complete.

This gentle place has a joy to hold
The happiness felt, beyond compare
A gentle place where God is near
Friendship of love that we can share.

My garden has a tender faith,
And when God's raindrops softly fall,
I feel wonder in my gentle place
Here in His beauty, I stand tall.

Glenna M. Baugh 4/2005
Living by Faith

I find happiness and peace as the
seeds that God planted in the gentle
place of my soul, grow. All is well,
all is well, with my soul.


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