~*~ Gently Closed The Door ~*~

Gently Closed The Door

A touch of heaven came to me today
I felt the warmth within my heart
In such a gentle way
A sweetness wafted in
Like the fragrance of a fresh mown hay

My heart responded to the draw
As the Father's hand I felt
Yet, 'twas really softly yours
Your hand reached forth
His love to bear, I couldn't ask for more

I just knew that I was satisfied
Fed and nurtured
Cared for
By the beauty of forever
Overflowing from your soul

And then I smiled
A complete heart resounding smile
And as I paused
From deep inside
A contentment echoed
O'er and o'er, true love is all

The cold without, of driving rain and wind
Told me, here I belonged, now drawn
Within, where I was meant to stay
Warmed and still
As gently closed the door

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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