~ Getting Older ~
You look in the mirror
Hoping for youth
But the face that looks back
tells you the truth.
There’s wrinkles above
And wrinkles below,
There’s sag and bags
And hair white as snow.
But then you remember
Why they are there:
It was learning to raise 
your children with care.
Sitting up nights
When the babies were ill
Stoking the fire
To keep off the chill.
Waiting up late
To see them come home
From the first time they drove
The car on their own.
Cheering at ball games
Sitting out in the sun
Losing your voice
when the home team won. 
I know you'd not trade
What you've had in your life
For your blessings are many; 
You've  learned from the strife.
Wisdom and age
Oft go hand in hand
and we all know that soon 
we'll run out of sand.
No tipping the glass
will bring back the past 
but I know you'll treasure
this life while it lasts.

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