~ You're Getting Older Sweetie ~

The years are creeping up real fast
You don't move as well as you use to
Your lifestyle has become sedentary
And you don't even have a clue.

You're graying at the temples sweetie
And your stature is slightly bent
You no longer have a spring in your step
I think it got up and went.

You seem to sleep a lot anymore
I catch you dozing in front of the TV
You head for bed before the sun sets
And even with glasses, you can't see.

Forget about your hearing dearie
It's hearing aids that you need
And besides your hair turning gray
It's also starting to recede.

Your dentures click when you talk
And they chatter when you eat
You take them out every night
And in a glass of water, you put your teeth.

What's that you say my precious love?
That I'm getting old too
Oh I don't think so my darling pet
I'm not as old as you!

You say I'm not a spring chicken anymore
That parts of my anatomy have gone South
That areas of me jiggle that shouldn't wiggle
I think it's time you shut your mouth!

Yes, old age has us in its grip
The fat lady has sung her song
Let's agree to age like fine wine
Our youth we can't prolong.

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