~ G.I. Joe ~

I'm an orphan in a foreign land
A place called Viet Nam
I have a father in America
But I've always lived with Mom

She passed away just today
and now I'm all alone
I'm looking for my daddy now
I need to have a home

I sure would like to find him
But I need some help you know
He's a soldier man from the USA
And his name is G.I. Joe

I think some folks must know him
And can send him here for me
I saw a picture of him one time
Now it's him I want to see

Mom said he smiles like me
and I look a lot like him
She said that he'd be coming back
She had hope right to the end

She just couldn't wait any longer
So she died and went on home
And now I need my dad so much
So I won't be all alone

Somebody there in the USA
Please get the word to him
That I am waiting for him here
Until he comes back again

I want to live in the USA
Mom always said we'd go
As soon as he came back for us
My dad named G.I. Joe

She said he's a brave strong soldier
and how she loved him so
I know I'll love him just as much
My dad called G.I. Joe

Somebody please, please help me
He might be someone you know
Tell him I really need him now
My dad named G.I. Joe

Yolanda Cohen 2004


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