Ah yes, a little girl will play
She can't resist a tease
That cheeky little grin
A winning way to please
Peek-a-boo my little world
I see you and I'm safe
Secure to hide and seek
From this most tender place
If I know my Jesus loves me
Then no fear will ever bind
For I know for sure in Him
That I can never die
I shall keep my happy grin
Wearing every hat that's true
And even though one fades or droops
God's love I'll never lose
Oh yes, I'll play today
And tomorrow will still grin the more
I can learn to play in every hat
For it's God who gives them all
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006
Nothing is too big for my God to do,
and nothing is too little for Him to use in doing it!


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