~ Giving Thanks ~

They sat around the table
bowing heads in Prayer
giving thanks, tho' saddened
missing friends, not there

Donations came from strangers
clothing, food and love
yet, still there was an emptiness
in hearts that gave so much

Sheltered from the elements
inside a storm still stirred
aloneness tugged each heartstring
and nothing could defer

Some were older, others young
but all were aged inside
rememb'ring 'n reflecting
on comrades that had died

Some soldiers gray 'n weary
gave thanks for precious life
tears of silence lingered
no comfort from the strife

When day is done with curtains drawn
our Vets recall it all
scattered thoughts raise havoc
their minds a pain filled wall

They made the missions proudly
for country, you and I
gave their all for freedom
still wave those colors high

Shattered hopes 'n broken hearts
left out in the cold
scars still bleed, cause anguish
as memories unfold

Dreams lay buried in the dust
lives are looking bleak
missing limbs, tattered souls
with 'morrows out of reach

My eyes took in the sorrow
could sense the emptiness
these men that felt forgotten
for all their selflessness

I left them with a turkey
'n somehow hoped they'd know
t'was but a simple thank you
to help their spirit grow

My heart o'erflows with gratitude
for sacrifices made
thankful for my freedom
to all of you who gave

Fervently I ask the Lord
for peace 'n harmony
bring them home, end this war
I plead on bended knee

 Rose Marie Streeter
November 21, 2007

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