I have my quiet little ways
To let you know I care...
Like brushing lightly past you,
To let you know I'm there

I might silently lie near you
So you barely realize,
Exactly how incredible
You are, here in my eyes

There may be times I'm watching,
When you never know I'm there...
I'll memorize your every move
Light dancing through your hair

At times I may seem moody,
Independent, or aloof...
Believe me, though, that couldn't be
Further from the truth

You are the center of my world
The one I hold most dear...
And I'm so glad to be alive,
Just because I'm here

So, in my quiet little ways
I'll show my love for you...
And hope you know, inside of me,
There lives a love so true!

Won't you be mine?

Janeane Bolton 2003

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