~ God and His Wisdom ~

I know I need to reach out
To those who've lost the way
I need to bring God, and His wisdom
To the lost, this very day

He's been calling out to you
Since the day of your birth
A little spark of Him was there
When you made your debut to earth

Even though you are much older now
And sin has tarnished all your days
You feel you are not worth His love
With all the things you do, and say

You may feel at times He doesn't
Want to love someone like you
But my child you are mistaken
He has forever cradled you

It's never mattered that you strayed
And went on with a sinful life
What matters most, is you acknowledge
The way you live, is just not right

Your prayer to Him means everything
You are of worth, just like the rest
So you must listen to me now
And put God to the test

He will take away the loneliness
That you feel most everyday
He will dry your tears, and hold you up
He will, make you a way

You are not the dirty nothing
That you believe yourself to be
If you will reach, and take His hand
You'll too, be part of God's family

Don't let Satan tell you lies
That you are willing to believe
His intention is to win you
Away from God, by what you see

Shake Satan off this minute
Do not fall into His trap
Keep your head up, look to Jesus
For He will hold you, in His lap

Get rid of self destruction
The drugs, the lies, the pain
Reach out and touch the hand of Jesus
From that, do not refrain

He is waiting for your love
Waiting for your heart, this day
And all you have to do
Is get on your knees, and pray

Debbie Looney  01/17/2007

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