~ God Asks ~

Who do you say I am,
What do you say to me?
Can you really just ignore
This question of eternity?

Who do you say I am,
The sum of what you’ve heard-
Or did you ever listen
To MY soft and whispered words?

Am I an image from the pulpit,
Or do you know me in your heart-
Am I the truth you cannot doubt
Or distorted bits and parts?

Who do you say I am-
Someone you’re afraid of?
Did you just forget to listen—
When I sent those notes of LOVE?

I wrapped them in your heart
And I wove them in your soul
But you always shrugged them off
And away you chose to go---

Who do you say I am?
Did you ever really know?
I’M the ONE who gave you life
And breathed in you a soul—

Who do you say I AM?

Sharon Frye © 2007


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