God Gave Me You

I asked God to send me you
He knew how lonely I could be,
You came into my life, with all your friendship
And gentle empathy.

I found my Heavenly Father,
You helped me see His love,
I know you will fly to Heaven one day
On the wings of a dove.

You are so very special,
For you help the sorrow and the pain,
Of my heartache wash away,
With your help I am able to live in Jesus' name.

Why did He give you as a gift
To help me cope with life's despair,
God gave me you
Because He knows you care.

You whisper love to my heart
In such a beautiful way.
You will always be the sister of my spirit
Because Jesus knew, you could help me
The miracle of His love so sweetly came.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I asked for joy for you, in all things great and small.
but that you know God's loving care, I prayed the most of all.

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