~ God Gave To Us A Daughter ~

God gave to us a daughter
God gave to us a friend,
God gave to us a special heart
His precious love to send.

He knew we'd need a daughter
He knew we'd need a friend,
He knew we'd need a special heart
To love us without end.

I thank God you are my daughter
I'm so glad you are my friend,
I thank God for His love in you
True as the purest gem.


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Wild-rose, Sweetbriar, Eglantine,
All these pretty names for you are mine,
And scent in every leaf is mine,
And a leaf for all is mine,
And the scent--Oh, what a find!
Happy-sweet and pungent fine,
Pure as dew, and pick'd divine.
~Leigh Hunt (James Henry Leigh Hunt) ~

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