~ God Made It For Me ~

There is a country far away
That God has waiting for His own
It's called the new Jerusalem
It will be the Christian's final home

It was not made with mortal hands
But by God's hands divine
It's made of the finest of gem stones
One day it will be yours and mine

It's free to those who love the Lord
And His word they love and obey
Nothing's too fine for His children
That's what His word does say

When I think about the beauty
That it must contain
I just have to kneel before Him
And thank Him once again

It's streets are made of gold,
The gates of beautiful pearl
The walls are built with Jasper
No resemblance of this old world

The light is eternally shining
There never is night
In this very special city
Where Jesus is the light

Here we need the sunshine
But there only the "SON"
The moon won't be necessary
He is the only one

  Betty Hill

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