God Made You As...

God made you as you are
His purpose to fulfill
He designed you very 'specially
For His own perfect will

He placed in you the talents
To suit the life He plans
And formed your gentle attributes
As needed from His hand

The Father knows the very ones
That you are meant to touch-
The tender hearts that you alone
Will love so very much

He shapes the calling on your life
The beauty where you fit
To glorify your Father, Lord
With your own special gift

Each moment He is leading you
For in His plan you rest
While daily in His Word you trust
Desiring to be blessed

He lights your pathway step by step
As day by day you walk
His loving peace, His strength, delight
Your life and sure resource.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Feb 2010

Calmly turn with an untroubled spirit to your Heavenly Father, who
is always holding out His arms to you. You will look to Him for gladness
and refreshment when depressed, for moderation and recollection when in
good spirits, and you will find that He will never leave you to want. A
trustful glance, a silent movement of the heart towards Him will renew
your strength; and though you may often feel as if your soul were
downcast and numb, whatever God calls you to do, He will give you power
and courage to perform. Our Heavenly Father, so far from ever
overlooking us, is only waiting to find our hearts open, to pour into
them the torrents of His grace.
Francois Fenelon

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