~ God's Beautiful Seasons ~

Another summer came and went
Thank you Lord, for the sunshine and flowers you sent
Now follows my favorite season of all
The coming of the autumn fall.

Beautiful October with your colors all aglow
Bursting forth in reds, yellows, oranges and gold
A painting from the master's hand
Bringing beauty all across the land.

The autumn wind now fills the air
Soon the trees will be bare
The leaves are floating gently to the ground
Not too much longer, to be seen around.

For old man winter is on his way
But that isn't all bad, I must say
For another beautiful painting will be seen
As the snow covers the evergreens
In a beautiful blanket of white
That sparkles like the stars at night.

Then again will come the springtime
The leaves will return again, this time to green.
All God's seasons have a beauty rare
A gift from Him, with loving care.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2005


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