~ God's Currency ~

If I could buy you anything
With this love of mine
Every day, just for you,
The sun would always shine

Diamond dew drops, every morn
Would kiss the posies, bright
In the sky, when day was worn
There'd be diamond stars at night

Clouds would always fluffy be
Though, when gentle rain did fall
A rainbow, in full majesty
Would decorate sky's wall

Grass would be the greenest
On your side of the fence
When times were the leanest
Great wealth would, then, commence

Pain would never be a part
Of your daily life
I'd save you and your loving heart
From chronic pain and strife

But money is a human thing
It does little more than sate
There must be something I can bring
I love you so -- oh . . . wait!

Rest your bones -- just sit right there
I have currency that yields
The power of a heart-felt prayer
Can turn dust 'to golden fields

Let the blessings of God's love
Surround you, day and night
Let my prayers be heard, above
As I pray with all my might

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008



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