~ God's Love Letter ~

The Good Lord wrote us all a love letter
His words He chose carefully
Just pick up the Bible and read what He wrote
He wants you to understand and see.

Magnificent words of adoration
For all His Children He did create
These words are full of wisdom and love
They will guide you to His gate.

His love has spanned across all time
His words echo through the years
All of His children know of Him
It's Him they worship and revere.

But now it seems His words have fallen
On deaf ears and those who don't believe
They've never picked up His Book of Love
Which causes His heart to grieve.

These people need to reach out for Him
Their souls are screaming for more
You're not listening to your inner self
You've chosen to ignore.

The Good Lord professes His love for you
His words are written for all to see
Announce your love for Him today
Ask for forgiveness, get down on your knees.

Our Lord has an encompassing love
He'll forgive you for all your sins
Read the letters of love He has written
Pick up the Bible and worship Him.

Chee Chee Martin 2006


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