~ God's Ocean ~

I put my hand in His today
We walked the sand a long, long way
That "Footprints" poem is really true
Of footprints, I saw only two

But that's ok, I felt God there
In the breeze that swept my hair
In the way the ocean sings
Such happiness, to all, He brings

I saw Him in the blue of sky
As gulls, so white, were winging by
I saw Him as the sun did kiss
Horizon, with a salty bliss

I felt Him, too, with love so real
So genuine, my soul to steal
How gladly I would give Him all
Though, dark days, I can well recall

Some days I cannot feel God there
I think, perhaps, He doesn't care
Think I've been bad -- He has gone
No God for me to lean upon

Yet, like the "Footprints" poem, it's true
When you look down; see only two
It's then that you must seek His love
Say a prayer to Him above

For God is all eternity
Much bigger than the biggest sea
Much brighter than the brightest sun
Universal love for everyone

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008

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