~ God Speaks, I Listen ~

I had a conversation with God this morning,
He told me not to fear
as I smiled through my tears.

He said this earthly world is His,
He will reign as sovereign King
Then all the church bells will ring.

He pointed out His many disciples,
The faithful that walk daily with Him
Making a future not quite so dim.

He smiled so gently at me,
Reminded me of His unconditional love
How much he cared from heaven above.

He laughed in joy while talking to me,
Reaching deep down in my soul's core
I wanted to kneel down to the one I adore.

I have this special time to speak with Him,
Conversing, saying what's on my mind
Knowing He cares about mankind.

My future is assured as I am His,
I've accepted the Savior who is His Son
God's good work in me has only begun.

 Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006

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