~ God's Rainbows ~

Your heart is filled with sorrow and pain
and I wish I could take it away.
Sometimes we just donít understand
why trials keep coming our way.

We must always try to remember,
that the Lord is still by our side;
He sometimes lifts us in His arms
and comforts us as we cry.

Our Fatherís ways are not our ways,
there's more to life than this sphere;
there is a heaven awaiting us all,
and our loved ones are always near.

So when mountains are placed before you,
and you feel you just canít go on,
fall down on your knees in prayer,
Heíll hold you until you are strong.

Then one day youíll wake to the sunlight,
there will not be a trace of gloom;
as you turn to the love youíve awaited,
Godís rainbows will fill up the room.

© Forrest Phelps-Cook 2008


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