~ God's Special Child ~

My child you are going to earth now,
your parents are loving and kind,
they know you’ll be born with limits,
always walking a step behind.

Father, why must I be hindered,
it seems I will have a tough time.
Why can’t I be like the others,
this mountain seems too high to climb.

My child, your spirit is special,
you’ve no need to meet earthly tests,
and after your sojourn below,
you’ll return back home to rest.

But Father, how will I get by
the world can be such a cruel place,
and many will not understand
when they look and see my face.

My child, you’ll have angels around you,
to guard you both day and night,
and even in times you might suffer,
you’ll not be out of My sight.

You’ll always have comforting hands,
to soothe you whenever you cry,
though life won’t always be easy,
I promise to be by your side.

And then when your journey is over,
what glory shall be your reward,
you’ll return to your home with Me,
and your joy will all be restored.

Father, I do understand now,
and Your will is mine now to do,
I will go to earth for a season,
and then I'll return back to You.

Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2008

"Children with Down's Syndrome have need
of angels to soothe their spirits while they cope
with bodies that don’t work as well as yours and mine.”
Charles E. Davis, “Make the Wind Stop”


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