~ God's Universe ~

What a gracious God we serve,
Just take a look around you'll see.
Just how good God truly is,
To everyone, yes, you and me.

A universe filled with color,
A masterpiece, a work of art.
All His Love in beautiful splendor,
Sent to us straight from His heart.

He blessed us with our family,
And angels we call a friend
And He keeps right on blessing us,
Over and over again.

He gives to us four seasons,
Such beauty each one, does hold.
Memories in living color,
We cherish as we grow old.

Like a summer, warm and sunny,
Or fall with it's splendid color change.
Spring with new life beginning,
Or winter with snow on the range.

Wild flowers alongside of the road,
Birds singing such a lovely tune.
The wind blowing it's gentle breeze,
As we lazily sleep through noon.

God has given us ears to hear,
And eyes so we can see.
And yet some of us have neither,
Because of our disabilities.

No matter what God's plan is,
The beauty remains for you,
God's universe is full of wonder,
And in heaven, Answers await us too.

God has His many reasons,
No matter what the questions might be.
His universe is filled with mystery,
The universe He created for you and me.


Brenda D King
May 2007

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