~ The Golden City ~

Fiery Gates, do open wide
Admit me please, this one last time
Give me shelter, take me in
So I can be, back home again

This journey has been long, and hard
Some days were good, but others charred
Rest I seek for peace of mind
Rest I seek, of the Spirit kind


The family you chose for me, was truly grand
Not one complaint you'll hear, on this I stand
Thank you Lord, for the love they gave
And thank you God, for all you've made

I long for the Golden City, high on the hill
In Heaven above, where life's calm, and still
Don't get me wrong, I love my earthly life too
But I long for you Lord, long to be next to you


So Lord, I will wait, for as long as you say
Wait to be with you, on your chosen day
Where I'll be home, with you always near
In the place I'll never again feel hurt, or fear

For your Golden City, way up high on that hill
Will have to wait for me, until the day you will
I'll continue on here, as I have in the past
Loving you Lord, with all that I have.


Debbie Looney 2006


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"Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Arrangement by Jason M. Stone
March 14, 1997


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