~ Golden Dawn ~
In the flush of an early golden dawn
I said for you a morning prayer
for everywhere you go, God's love is softly there
I prayed no matter where you are,
you'll know this love for you
and believe within your heart, His promises are true
That this love that He has planned
Is for every special day
the sun will rise
and all the nights the stars will shine
For when snows may drift
upon your door
or cold winds blow right to your core
For when glorious flowers
bloom in spring
and all the dawns the birds will sing
For when endless rivers
 flow away
and friends like me forever stay
For there isn't more that I could pray
and nothing greater I might say
than that you know
you are so loved
upon this day and every day
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

When I walk, He walks along with me.
When I enter into company, He never forgets me.
In the silent watches of the night, when my eyelids are closed
and my spirit has sunk into unconsciousness,
the observant eye of Him who never slumbers is upon me.
Thomas Chalmers


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