~ Golden Wedding Day ~

On this their golden wedding day
My parents were happy in a loving way.
So many years they had spent together
Knowing their love would last forever.

I heard dad call mother a sweet name.
She smiled, and I know she felt the same.
Before mother could turn her head,
Dad walked up to her and said--

As long as we are together
I do not care about the weather,
I am as happy as I can be
As long as you are here beside me.

When I heard dad say those words
They were the sweetest I have ever heard.
I watched as hand in hand they walked away
Celebrating their golden wedding day.

Glenna M. Baugh 3/30/05
Living by Faith

Mother and dad loved serving
their Lord Jesus Christ. They were
a true inspiration to us all. They
showed love for each other
and were a joy to behold.

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