~ Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007 ~


I'm feeling tired and all worn out
This past year hasn't been too kind
I'm hoping 2007 will be better
And allow me some time to unwind.

I've been going at such an extremely fast pace
There's not enough time in each day
To take care of the problems that do arise
To solve them and continue on my way.

I juggle each event like a well-seasoned pro
I can be adept at the things I do
You'd never know I was teetering on the edge
I can keep my feelings hidden from view.

So much is asked of me everyday
I'm not one who would tell you "No"
If I can accomplish what you ask
I'll be diligent and gung-ho!

I feel I'm being pulled in many directions
I just need some time to rest
To catch my breath and take things slow
To not feel so hard-pressed.

But there must be a reason for all of this
I'm assuming there are lessons to be learned
The good Lord is testing me, this I know
Out of love and genuine concern.

He'll never give me more than I can handle
He's vowed to remain by my side
I need to work through some of these problems
And always let Him be my guide.

A lot of things I've brought on myself
This I honestly will admit
I don't plan to repeat the same mistakes
Because 2006 was really the pits!

So look out 2007 'cause here I come
I plan to make this a better year
I'll be deliberate and take things slow
At midnight you'll hear me cheer!

Chee Chee Martin 2005





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