~ Goodbye Only Means Tomorrow ~

A 'goodbye' shall not be,
e'en though it seems the saddest word
for you and I can never part
How can 'goodbye' ever separate
when we are one in heart

'Goodbye' means I will weep,
so very quiet and still
and miss you very much
But every goodbye tear will only mean
I have loved you more than enough

'Goodbye' ever cries, there is tomorrow yet
I will see you very soon
Time here may seem to pull apart
yet 'goodbye' means yesterday, today, forever
I am always loving you

'Goodbye' appears life's deepest grief
But, more than any other word of worth
A goodbye ever whispers
We live to be together in everlasting beauty
in a love beyond this earth

Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

I live for when we will be,
closer than now,
forever together
In the gift of never ending life
within our Lord Jesus Christ

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