Strolling down the street, and stopping at the soda shop
Teens, had a beat snapping our fingers ordering cherry coke pop
They added the cherry syrup to the coke made it real sweet
French fries and gravy with our soda was a real treat
Girls babysat, boys had paper routes this was our spending money
Went to the movies on Friday nights, all in a click with our honey

Parents made sure we kept good marks, and went every day to school
We had home economics, boys had wood working shop,
and we knew we were cool
During the week after homework,
we rode our bikes until the weather turned cold
Then we went sledding, ice-skating or hung on to car bumpers and rode
We had privately owned grocers, bakers and butchers; free scraps
Some worked part time to save for a car it was all mapped

Our pets had names like Skippy, Lad, or Spot
Our doggies followed while we skated no matter how hot
We made pot holders and sold greeting cards door to door
Helped at home; mowed the grass, cleaned the house even the floor
We did what we were told no back talk or yackety-yak
Chaperoned to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance and that was a fact

Those were the times, loved and adored
Never to return, never no more

Joyce Ann Geyer 2005
Poetry By Joyce


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