~ Good Old Days ~

Each day started early
'fore the crack of dawn
chores were never ending
on my Daddy's farm

Life back then was different
with family values strong
Grandpa played his fiddle
while Mama sang along

Aroma filled the kitchen
awaking sleepy eyes
Grandma keeping busy
baking apple pies

Cattle needed milking
at the break of day
eggs for breakfast, gathered
tossing bales of hay

Shoveled all the droppings
to fertilize the soil
vegetables for canning
were planted in a row

Us girls made beds, did dishes
brother's chopped the wood
filled the pots with water
carried from the brook

When evening sun had settled
dad in his favorite chair
around the supper table
he led us all in Prayer

Then early to retire
his day of work complete
stories told at bedtime
'fore we went to sleep

Days gone by remembered
with thoughts of yesteryear
reflecting back in memory
holding back a tear

Wish that I could step back
to those days now gone
life was full of promise
on my Daddy's farm

Rose Marie Streeter 2005


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