~ Gracious Friend ~

You pick me up when I am sad or blue
You always know just what to say or do

Whether I need advice or some cheer
You always say what I need to hear

You always know what to say
To help me have a better day

God knew I needed a friend like you
A friend that would always be true

You keep me focused on where I need to be
You're a wise and wonderful friend to me

I praise God and thank Him for you each day
For you, I will never ever forget to pray

God brought you into my life
To help relieve the pain and strife

He knew just how good for me
A friend like you would be

You were God's chosen one
Into my life to bring some fun

My special friend you are a delight
Into my life you have added more light

I love you so very much, hon
You're truly God's gracious one

You are my, dear sweetie pie
You are the apple of God's eye

Janice Jeanette Kennedy

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