Thank You Grandpa You're Spiffin'
I like my Grandpa such a lot
And this is why you see,
We get into spiffin' the 'chines
He's sure glad for me to be.
My Grandpa is just like Grandma
Except he wears the baggy pants,
And when we're digging in the garden
He knows 'bout worms and ants.
My Grandpa doesn't have to do much
For me to have some fun,
He somehow knows about listenin'
Until every game I've won.
My Grandpa can tell stories
And sings the cleverest of songs,
He will laugh at the funny jokes
And never says I got it wrong.
My Grandpa has a special place
He's tucked inside my heart,
And I'm snug inside his too
'Cause he'll do anything I ask.
(But the best is when he's reading stories
He doesn't leave out the scary part.)
My Grandpa prays for me
Jesus tells him everything to say,
I think I might stay here with Grandpa
Well, maybe every other day.
Thanks Grandpa
you're sure the best friend
God could have made.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


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