~ Granny Finds Her Groove ~

My best friend went ahead
and dyed her hair orange-red
Well, I waved a Miss Clairol wand
and I've gone blonde!

Oh my, Blondes do have more fun
And this old blonde's on the run!!
Old age ain't got nothin' on me
'cause I can still PAR-TEEE

I hop outta bed into my duster
with all the spirit I can muster
So what if I get a few hot flashes
Danged if I stop and wait til it passes!

Heyy hot flashes ain't no biggy deal
Just watch me kick up my heels!
No sittin' around watching t.v
Not this old lady, no sireee ...

Heyy you bAbe, Rockin' Granny
Yep, that's what they call me!
Just checkin' if  the family's about
'Cause heyyy .... I'm goin' out!

Darlin', I'm goin' dancin' tonight
(but gotta stay out of the kid's sight)
Shh, can't let the grand kids know
They think I'm goin' to a picture show

Would I embarrass the family?
Nawww, not little old me!
In love and war all's fair
Now, let me see what will I wear?

Tight jeans and my busty vest?
got my "push up" thingy for my chest
Wearin' my new jeans by Guess
Hope they can stand my hip test ...

I've noticed lately those ole jeans
kinda been busting at the seams
It's fun, fun ... body willin'
and relax 'cause we be chillin'

Gotta wait and get a second wind
Then stop by and grab my best friend
Think we'll check the bowlin' alley
Just cruise, to see who we can see ...

My kids don't find it too amusin'
When this ole Granny goes crusin'
Heyyy when their naggin' starts in
I just say "hmm, must be my evil twin"

Gotta get it in gear, and move!
'Cause I done found my groove
Gonna grab some of my gal friends
and hope this night never ends!!

So come on all you "girls"
you gotta give old age a whirl!
Get off your duff, don't just sit around
Heyyy, get with it, let's get down!

Shh, the kids don't have a hunch
but I got me a "honey bunch"!
You're never too old to take a chance
On a heart's true "hottie" romance!

Just 'cause the roof's got snow
heyy, there's still fire down below!
Yep, even old folks still have desires
the motor's old but we got hot wires!

My best friends call me "Ms. It"
'Cause my body's still pretty fit ...
Me and this old body stay on the move
'Cause this Granny's found her groove!

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission


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